This is the official seal of the Municipality of Bacnotan. It consists of map, nine (9) rays of the sun, forty-seven (47) stars, rope and text "BAYAN NG BACNOTAN LA UNION'. The seal must not be altered or recreated in anyway that violates the integrity of its design. Thus, the relationship of its components shown here should always be retained. The only exception permissible is when used on social media sites and other applications, but shall be subject for approval.

Bacnotan Seal



Symbolizes endless and strong unity which bind the officials and residents closely together.


Between the forty-seven (47) stars and rope is the text "BAYAN NG BACNOTAN LA UNION".


Represents the Town's forty-seven (47) barangays.

9 Rays of the sun

Stands for the Nine (9) districts comprising the municipality.


Represents the Municipality of Bacnotan which depicts its main industries - The Holcim Philippines, Inc. (Bacnotan Cement Industries), agricultural products such as rice and fish that represents fishing as the main occupation of the people residing at the shoreline. Significant landmarks such as the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, a Small Water Impounding Project that supplies irrigation ware to five (5) barangays at the eastern portion of the town and the Continental Leaf Tobacacco Philippines, Inc.