A business is defined as an organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities.

Starting a Business

In starting a business you need to apply and secure for a Business Permit first. An application for a Business Permit shall be filed with the Business Permit and Licensing Office.

Below are the steps for a newly-started business:

1. Business Permit and Licensing Office
        • Business Assessment
        • Verification of requirements and submission
        • Issuance of Order of Payment

2. Treasurer's Office
        • Payment of Taxes and other charges

3. Bureau of Fire Protection
        • Releasing of Fire Safety Inspection Certificate for business

4. Business Permit and Licensing Office
        • Releasing of Business Permit

For New Business

1. Proof of Registration
        • DTI for single proprietorship
        • SEC for corporation & partnership
        • CDA for cooperative

2. Capital Investment
        • Paid-up Capital for corporation
        • SCI for single proprietorship

3. Sanitary Permit & Health Certificate

4. Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (FSIC)

5. Certificate of Occupancy

6. Contract of Lease (if lessee)

7. Community Tax Certificate or CEDULA

8. Provincial Tax Clearance for specific business

For Renewal of Business

1. Sanitary Permit & Health Certificate

2. Fire Safety Inspection Certificate

3. Provincial Tax Clearance for specific business

For Business Retirement/ Closure

1. Business Retirement/ Closure Form

2. Original Business Permit