We envision Bacnotan as the honeybee producer in the Region and the agricultural, industrial  and tourism center of the province where justice, peace and ecologically-balanced environment prevail with healthy, god-loving and self-reliant citizenry under good governance.


We are deeply committed to develop and promote Bacnotan as the honeybee producer in the Region and as an agricultural, industrial and tourism center of the province thru hardwork, enriching our natural resources, utilization of appropriate technology and maximum participation among our leaders and constituents.


A     -ct, behave and be an exemplary model of true public servants by serving our clienteles with utmost courtesy, efficiency and dedication.

I      -nstill in our minds and in our hearts the essence of public service by adhering to the constitutional provision that A public office is a public trust.

M    -ake it a golden rule to value the virtues of self-discipline, magnanimity in our actions and professional integrity in performing our mandated duties and responsibilities.

H    -ave faith and confidence in our capabilities to do our assigned tasks without fear or favor to gain the trust and respect of the general public.

I     -mplore the guidance of the Divine Providence to light our path as we strive to respond to the demands of our work.

G   -o for glory and honor to uplift the image of the institution that we serve and the town that we embrace and love as our own.

H    -old high our vision and mission to make our workplace an ideal frontline of transparent public service with the interest of the general public first and foremost.